Through photosynthesis, it can be said that the whole world runs on sugar! See how organic matter is the glue that holds soil together through the demonstration of a Slake Test.

Regenerative Toolkit COMET Planner

Comet Planner

COMET Planner is an interactive evaluation tool designed to provide generalized estimates of greenhouse gas impacts of conservation practices. Intended for initial planning purposes. Site-specific conditions (not evaluated in this tool) are required for more detailed assessments of greenhouse gas dynamics on a farm.

Atmospheric Rivers and Building Hydrological Resiliency Through Regenerative Land Management

At any moment, the extreme power of Nature can leave us awestruck—and overwhelmed. With the rains that recently drenched California

Reflections from our Chef and Garden Fellow

I began my career in hospitality in an effort to heal my own relationship to food. As a chef, I find myself perpetually wondering where my food comes from.