Newsletter Archive 2020-2023

Our newsletter and other email publications since 2020.

Our newsletters and other forms of electronic communication often include short articles and updates not published on the website. Here you will find links to those sources for further reading.

Our newsletter and other email publications since 2020.

Our newsletters and other forms of electronic communication often include short articles and updates not published on the website. Here you will find links to those sources for further reading.

Cattle grazing on TomKat Ranch

December 2023 – Death and Rebirth (Cycles of Life)

  • Notes on Death
  • A Show of Respect: Utilizing the Whole Animal
  • From Death Comes Life, Talking Compost with our Master Gardener Susan Hadacek
  • Gathering at TomKat Ranch: Catalyzing Climate Philanthropy
  • Some Mantras from Women Transforming Food and Finance
  • Webinar Registration: Advancing Regenerative Agriculture and Conservation Planning in California
  • What We’re Reading
Cattle grazing on TomKat Ranch

November 2023 – Learning at TomKat Ranch

  • Pilot Training to Expand Access to Conservation Planning and Integrate Regenerative Agriculture
  • Grazing for Fire Mitigation at Fifth Crow Farm
  • Learning to be Fearless Farmers
  • Talking Nerdy – 6th Annual Nerd Night at TomKat Ranch
  • What We’re Reading
Cattle grazing on TomKat Ranch

October 2023 – Seasonality and the Potential of Community Dynamics

  • Rangeland Management, Monitoring, and Policy
  • Navigating Grazing Agreements with California FarmLink
  • Eating with the Seasons – Fruit, Vegetables, and Beef!
  • What We’re Reading
Cattle grazing on TomKat Ranch

September 2023 – Playing A Part In the Symphony of Life

  • Growing Our Capacity for Good Work: A Stockmanship Clinic with Marissa Taylor
  • Cows Eat Pampas Grass: An Interview with Mark Biaggi, TomKat Ranch Manager
  • TomKat Ranch on Soundings from Stanford’s Food for the Planet Episode
  • What We’re Reading
Cattle grazing on TomKat Ranch

August 2023 – News Flash, We’re Back!

  • Spectrum News Farm Refresh Series
  • The UC System and the First Regional Regenerative Meat Summit
  • Exploring Soil Carbon at TomKat Ranch with The Soil Inventory Project
  • TomKat Ranch Co-Founder Kat Taylor Joins Regenerative Food Systems Investment Forum
  • What We’re Reading
Cattle grazing on TomKat Ranch

June 2023 – Growing our Science and Ranching Collaboration

  • Thrifty Herd – Breeding for Successful Adaptation
  • Learning from Horses: Why Are Horses So Powerful?
  • Napa Cowboy Gathering Connects with Regenerative Ranching and Soil Health
  • Digging Deep: How Soil Mineralogy Influences Carbon Storage in California
  • What We’re Reading
Cattle grazing on TomKat Ranch

May 2023 – Gathering for the Unity of Community

  • The State of Our Grasses 2022-23: A Rangeland Update
  • Learning The Ins And Outs Of Institutional Procurement – Beef2Institution Ranch Day at Stemple Creek Ranch
  • Regenerative Ag Conference At ROAM Ranch
  • What We’re Reading
Cattle grazing on TomKat Ranch

April 2023 – Ah, it’s Spring at last!

  • Is It Possible for A Cattle Ranch To Be Economically and Environmentally Sustainable? Matt Ricketts Thinks So
  • Bring On the Goats – A Goat Grazing Cover Crop Pilot with Brisa Ranch
  • Food Hub It Is! San Mateo County Producer Working Group’s Proposal
  • New Point Blue Report: Plant and Microbial Indicators of Soil Carbon
  • What We’re Reading – Everything Earth Month
Cattle grazing on TomKat Ranch

March 2023 – Whiplash!

  • Effective Rainfall: Putting All that Wonderful Rain to Good Use
  • Introducing the Range-C Monitoring Program
  • TomKat Ranch Team Updates
  • What We’re Reading – the legacy of Dolores Huerta
Cattle grazing on TomKat Ranch

February 2023 – Ready, set, go 2023

  • Atmospheric Rivers and Building Hydrological Resiliency Through Regenerative Land Management
  • Reflections from our Chef and Garden Fellow
  • What We’re Reading – Black History Month

Fall 2022 – Shifting Paradigms

  • Celebrating Climate-Smart Investments on our Journey to a Regenerative Food System
  • Black Food Summit at TomKat Ranch
  • Sharing the Value of Regenerative Management with the Land Trust Community
  • Collaborative Action in the Soil Health Tech Stack

August-September 2022 – Transitions

  • Goodbye Note from Kevin
  • Swath Grazing Trial 2022
  • Culinary Skills Training with LHPUSD Food Service Staff
  • Point Blue Summer Gathering at TomKat Ranch

July 2022 – Summer of Soil

  • Farm to Table Features: Kristyn Leach of Namu Farm
  • Soil Health Tech Stack Invite
  • Biostimulants, goat grazing, and prescribed fire: An ecological monitoring update for TomKat Ranch Trials

May 2022 – Commitment

  • The Remarkable Benefits of Riparian Areas
  • The TomKat Ranch Grazing Plan Goes Multispecies – Welcome Goats!
  • EcoFarm 2022: Two Field Days Focusing on Regenerative Ranching and Indigenous Foodways!

March 2022 – Women in Ranching: The Story

  • Guide to Regenerative Grazing Leases: Opportunities for Resilience
  • How we monitor land systems change after prescribed fires
  • Bar-C Update – We’re In Business!
  • A Note From Our First Ever Chef-Garden Fellow

January 2022 – Caring for People and Land

  • Rain and Regenerative Management
  • Growing Perspectives: Understanding Water’s Role in Varied Ecosystems from Coast to Coast
  • Regenerative Ranching Toolkit
  • Three New Apprentices (and their dogs) Join Our Team

Year End 2021 – Letter for a Regenerative Future

  • Regenerative Ranching
  • Fork to Farm
  • Gathering for Action

November 2021 – A Century of Regeneration

  • School Food Supply Chain Challenges and Opportunities
  • Apprentice Alex Michel’s Reflections on a Prescribed Burn Training Exchange (TREX)
  • Hidden Villa Apprentice Visit
  • What We’re Reading – A Synthesis of Ranch-Level Sustainability Indicators for Land Managers and to Communicate Across the US Beef Supply Chain

October 2021 – Social Regeneration

  • Fire-resilience on Working Landscapes
  • EcoFarm 2022: Pre-conference Field Day – Weaving Together Our Past, Present, and Future
  • What We’re Reading- Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation

September 2021 – Levers for Change

  • Swath Grazing Harding Grass
  • Conducting Science to Inform Regenerative Stewardship: A Decade in Review
  • School Meals for All Update!
  • Follow Up to Last Month’s Regen Ranching Data Round Up

August 2021 – New Curriculum

  • Travel Journal of Regenerative Agriculture in the North East of the United States
  • The Regen Ranching Data Round Up
  • Growing the Table Update!
  • Defending Beef – Revised and Expanded Addition

July 2021 – Growing Education

  • Upcoming Workshop with Nicole Masters at TomKat Ranch
  • What We’re Reading: Regenerating soil, regenerating soul: an integral approach to understanding agricultural transformation
  • BAR-C Update and Ribbon Cutting
  • Gathering for Action Anew!
  • Helpful Resources in Case of an Emergency in the San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond

June 2021 – Regeneration is the Status Quo

  • Bale Grazing – Stewardship During Drought to Grow Soil Health
  • Joining the Savory EOV Program and Moving Towards Regeneration Verification
  • Artist Day at the Ranch – “Get Your Goat”
  • Parting is Such Sweet… Oh, Grasshopper Sparrow! A Farewell to Mel!

April 2021 – The Serengeti Symphony

  • Goats to the Rescue – Goatapelli at TomKat Ranch for Fire Fuel Reduction
  • ‘No-Dig’ Gardening at TomKat Ranch
  • An Interview with Goatapelli Foundation’s Lani Malmberg
  • Aspen Global Change Institute Invited Review on Soil Carbon Science for Policy and Practice
  • Notes from the Field: Managing Rangelands for Secondary Cavity Nesting Birds

March 2021 – Grass Springs Eternal

  • Transformative Investment in Climate-Smart Agriculture: Deep Dive and Introduction
  • Digging Deeper On A Pasture Soils Trial: A Question and Answer Session with Ranch Manager Mark Biaggi
  • Bar-C, the Why and How: A Focus On Rural Food Security
  • Interview with Local Radio Host (KPDO) About Series on Prescribed Burn

February 2021 – Policy Matters

  • Update: Soil Health Trials at TomKat Ranch
  • Virtual Sunday Brunch with the Sundance Institute
  • Community in the Time of Covid
  • Meet Our 2021 Apprentices

January 2021 – Executive Order

  • Sacramento’s Vulnerable Communities Get 5-Star Meals
  • Progress 2021

December 2020 – Growing Understanding

  • Climate Underground 2020 at Caney Fork Farms
  • Good Meat Breakdown
  • My Thoughts On Regenerative Fire Mitigation – Part 2
  • What We’re Reading: “Grain by Grain: A Quest to Revive Ancient Wheat, Rural Jobs, and Healthy Food,” by Bob Quinn and Liz Carlisle

October 2020 – Success in a Hard Year

  • BAR-C: Breaking the Bottleneck
  • Groundwork – A Virtual Summer Pilot Program and Learning Opportunity
  • How to Assess Soil Health in the Field – A Video Series
  • My Thoughts On Regenerative Fire Mitigation – Part 1
  • Local Food Security: Coops, Veggies, and Meat

September 2020 – Rising from the Ashes

  • Profiles in Land and Management – Missouri Department of Conservation
  • Regenerative Ranching Circle NORCAL
  • What We’re Reading – Point Blue Issue Brief: Methane Emissions from Livestock
  • Growing the Table – Shifting Demand Towards a Regenerative and Equity-based Food System
  • Living with the Aftermath of Fire

Op-Ed 2020 – When There is Justice for All

August 2020 – August Lightning Fire Complex

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