Using Regenerative Practices to Create Meaningful Opportunities

By: Kevin Alexander Watt

As part of our Profiles in Land and Management series, this month we share the story of Root Down Farm in Pescadero, California.

In 2014, Dede Boies started Root Down Farm in one of the most expensive counties in the United States. While finding affordable land and housing and starting a new business was a substantial challenge, her unwavering commitment to growing the best food she could for her customers in a way that also improves the health of the land helped Root Down Farm not just survive but grow.

From an innovative lease with a local conservation trust that recognizes and rewards the ecosystem services of her adaptively grazed livestock and conservation practices to premium prices from customers who support nutrient-dense and lovingly raised products, Dede’s work at Root Down Farm is a powerful example of a young farmer using regenerative practices to create meaningful opportunities for her business as well as ecosystem services and nutritious food for her community.

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