Celebrating our Coastal Fibershed

By: Kathy Webster

Like food, fiber can be grown regeneratively. As the clothing industry contributes 8 percent of the world’s carbon emissions, TomKat Ranch was inspired to partner with Fibershed and UC Elkus Ranch, with the support of the San Mateo County Office of Sustainability, to hold the first-ever Celebrating Our Coastal Fibershed event in Half Moon Bay, CA.

Fiber doesn’t have to contribute to our global climate crisis. Supporting fiber that’s grown regeneratively, is also about supporting growing practices that improve soil, water quality and availability, and the climate while providing benefits for animal welfare, human health, local economies, and biodiversity. 

Fibershed is an organization that works to develop regional and regenerative fiber systems on behalf of independent producers by expanding opportunities to implement carbon farming, forming catalytic foundations to rebuild regional manufacturing, and connecting end-users to farms and ranches through public education.  Fibershed’s ‘farm to closet’ vision connects the person who wears the clothes to the field where the fiber is grown.  

At the event, approximately 50 attendees strolled through the ranch, met the livestock, talked with local fiber vendors, joined in activities and demonstrations, engaged in lively conversations about regenerative agriculture, and helped raise funds to support UC Elkus Ranch’s  environmental and educational programs  A moment of ‘celebration’ occurred when Royal Bee Yarn Company (a local yarn store) purchased wool from Sarah Keiser of Wild Oat Hollow one of the vendors at the event.