What We’re Reading: “Regenerative Ranching: Maximum Sustainable Profit by Ranching in Nature’s Image”

By Mark Biaggi

Mark Biaggi, Ranch ManagerThere are a lot of resources out there for those interested in learning more about regenerative ranching. Blogs, books, articles, journals, movies, and even podcasts are available for those who want to raise their livestock in cooperation, instead of competition, with the natural world. That said, few resources are able to cover the foundations of regenerative ranching as clearly, compellingly, and concisely as “Regenerative Ranching” by Jaime Elizondo.

I picked up a copy of “Regenerative Ranching” a few weeks ago and have read and re-read its 102 pages several times since then. The book has no fluff and dives straight into the concepts and questions that help a regenerative rancher determine for his or herself what needs to get done in their own particular context. Jaime’s long international career in this field gives him a credible and seasoned voice and his discussions of everything from how soil and cattle are linked to how to deal with low-quality forages are valuable for veteran managers and greenhorns alike.

“Regenerative Ranching” is the kind of book that everyone working with livestock should, and more importantly, can read. It has valuable information for both the beginning and experienced grazier. Additionally, this book has value for land managers who do not directly manage livestock but have leasees with livestock. The book is meant to be a compass, not a map. It’s still up to us as managers to pick our own goals and destination, but Jaime’s book can help make it clear if we’re heading in the right direction. His short chapters can be read over a cup of coffee as you plan the day and are filled with concepts that will help you set meaningful goals for your herd and land or at the very least challenge you to be clearer about why you want to continue doing what you’re doing now.