Profiles in Land and Management – Flying Diamond Ranch

By Kevin Alexander Watt

Kevin Alexander Watt - Special ProjectsThis month we are excited to re-share our profile of Flying Diamond Ranch. This profile was initially published in June 2018  and has been beautifully re-designed as part of our on-going Profiles in Land and Management series that works to gather and share the stories of ranchers and land managers across the American West who are seeing the benefits of regenerative management.

Since 1907, the Johnson family has stewarded the Flying Diamond Ranch in Kit Carson, Colorado. Their success over the past 100 years has grown out of a tradition of holistically caring for the productivity and resilience of their family, animals, and land. In the early 1990’s Scott and Jean Johnson began practicing adaptive planned cattle grazing on the ranch and have since expanded their business, improved the health of their land, grown the size of their herd, and created opportunities for their children to join, and take ownership of, the business.

The Johnsons are a modern example of blending time-tested wisdom and innovation.  Along with their children, they have rediscovered and invented practices and enterprises that will help their family and land thrive for generations to come.

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