A question and answer session with our former intern, Evan Watson.

Where are they now – Evan Watson

Q: When did you work at TomKat Ranch, for how long, and what was your position?

I started as an intern in June 2017 and transitioned to apprentice in September 2017. I stayed in that position through September 2018.

Q: How did you find out about TomKat Ranch?

A mutual friend from Montana told me about TomKat Ranch.

Q: How did you get involved in agriculture/ranching in the first place?

I have been interested in agriculture from a young age. I grew up on a rural property where we raised some livestock, gardens, and an orchard. I have always loved the lifestyle of working outside and working with the seasons and rhythm of nature.

Q: What was your favorite memory at TomKat Ranch?

I have many fun memories from TomKat Ranch: watching calves run around at dusk, riding to the ranch at dawn to start the work day and seeing the fog over the ocean to the west and a hint of the sun over the hills to the east.

Q: Who was the most influential person during your time at TomKat Ranch?

Mark Biaggi. I have had many bosses over the past 10 years and Mark is right at the top of that list. He is fun to work for, gives solid feedback, and has a lot to teach. Going forward in my career I hope to channel Mark’s energy and knowledge in my approach to tasks and problems.

Q: Where are you and what are you doing now?

I currently live in the Sierra Foothills and work for a forestry company. I work on tracking and utilization of forestry projects from fuel reduction to fire mitigation in the Sierras and work on laying out and preparing timber harvest plans to help mitigate areas that are susceptible to fire.

Q: How has your TomKat experience shaped where you are/what you are doing now?

While my current job does not directly track to my education at TomKat Ranch, it does relate more to the forestry work I did prior to being an intern and apprentice, I can say that working for Mark does correlate particularly his lessons in ‘get-after-it-ness’ and problem-solving; those skills he taught certainly serve me well in my current position. Private sector forestry work does highlight how unique and fun a place like TomKat Ranch is to work and I feel very fortunate to have spent time at the ranch and with the people who work there.