Through photosynthesis, it can be said that the whole world runs on sugar! See how organic matter is the glue that holds soil together through the demonstration of a Slake Test.

What We’re Reading – May 2023


This month in What We’re Reading – the Office of Kat Taylor did an outstanding job gathering and highlighting people in the AAPI community doing exceptional work in their fields and adding extraordinary value to our communities. People of AAPI heritage have a long history of contributing to the success of our nation, proving once again that diversity builds strength and resiliency in communities.

We’re listening to an interview with Catalina Gomes (Ramaytush) of the Muchia Te’ Indigenous Land Trust on our local KPDO radio station with Catherine Peery. Cata, as she’s known to friends and family, describes how those at the land trust are working with linguists as part of an ongoing Ramaytush language revitalization program. The Indigenous people of the San Francisco Bay Area were once believed to be extinct. But, as Cata explains, in 1782, her ancestor, Muchia Te’ was recorded as a member of the Ramaytush Tribe.  As descendants of Muchia Te’ come forward to document their lineage, Cata is working to educate the public about her people’s history and relationship with the land.

And finally, Cata discusses her budding relationship with TomKat Ranch and the growing public consciousness of the call to heal the planet. A wellspring of local tribal information and champion in the ongoing struggle of California’s Indigenous peoples, Cata’s interview tells the story of a people reconnecting with their heritage and reclaiming their role as caretakers of the land.

We’re watching the Living Soil documentary produced by the Soil Health Institute. This free documentary tells the story of farmers, scientists, and policymakers working to incorporate agricultural practices to benefit soil health for years to come. Each tells a story as unique as the soil they manage with a shared theme that resonates throughout the film: Our soil is a special resource we should all cherish and strive to protect. Living Soil has received over 4 million views and reached audiences in over 130 countries and won numerous awards including “Outstanding Excellence in Direction, Editing, and Cinematography” at the Women’s International Film Festival (2021), and “Best of Show for Environmental Films” by the Docs Without Borders Film Festival (2022).

We’re looking forward to June 2, 3, and 4, 2023, when like-minded western enthusiasts will be coming together for the 1st Annual Napa Cowboy Gathering, an event we are proud to be sponsoring!

About the Napa Cowboy Gathering: “Experience The Interconnected Culture and History of The California Cowboy, Regenerative Ranching & Farming and Stockmanship. The goal of this free event is to inspire, engage and educate people on the magnificence and efficiency of the traditional culture, practices and arts of the California Cowboys and Cowgirls known as the “Californios” and to celebrate Napa’s deep history associated with the Californio culture.”

We’re also looking forward to the opening of the local Pescadero Grown Farmers’ Market (251 Stage Rd.) starting in June and celebrating the abundance of community farmers’ markets throughout California, many of them year round. Check out and read the list from to find one near you!